CPCP Certification

Upcoming Exam Dates:

  • Monday, May 15th Las Vegas hosted by Shades and Strokes
  • Sunday, May 21st Chicago area
  • Sunday, October 8th Memphis during SPCP Fall Conference
  • End of October in the UK TBA hosted by Karen Betts

Completed registration form and documents must be received by the SPCP office no later than five days before a scheduled exam.

If you would like to host an exam near you, contact admin@spcp.org 

Below are the materials that are required elements of the SPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) examination.

The CPCP examination was developed to support the growing need for the permanent cosmetic professional. Legislators, clients, landlords, physicians, the media, and others who have an interest in our industry are demanding credentials that are creditable and have substance beyond a training certificate. Unfortunately many have expressed concerns that training certificates don’t always indicate that there is a basic fundamental knowledge of permanent cosmetics. Certificates are being reported as being too easily developed at home through the Internet, and many are given in classes without the provisions of a pass or no pass examination.

The consumer, regulators, and industry professionals, specifically SPCP members, have asked for a proficiently developed, non-biased competency examination that will be identifiable with the SPCP, the largest professional organization for the permanent cosmetic industry. We have met the demand.

In many states, requirements to tattoo are currently being developed, or present legislation is being reviewed or expanded to include additional requirements. The SPCP will present this examination as requested to legislators as a key element for each permanent cosmetic professional’s credentials portfolio. We are also in the process of developing a web page with full details to the public as to what the CPCP credentials represent to the technician that has successfully passed the test. Before long, not only will the public seek the SPCP logo use by the technician they choose for services reflecting membership activity, but will also know to look for proof that the examination was taken and passed. Don’t be passed over by a potential client because you cannot display these important CPCP credentials.

Please review the enclosed material and provide the required documentation to the SPCP as outlined. You may contact the administration office with any questions. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I hope you share our excitement and enthusiasm as we continue to move in a positive direction, once again bringing our industry to a higher level of professional standards.

Sincerely yours,

SPCP Board of Directors

Still have questions? Check out the CPCP FAQ!

The CPCP Materials below are in PDF format.

The SPCP has an extensive glossary of terms that many CPCP candidates find helpful as an additional study aid before taking the exam. You can find it here.