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The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals membership represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering cosmetic tattooing that is conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities.

SPCP Covid-19 Position

Position of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals as it concerns the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic and the industry.

While the situation is rapidly evolving, it is the position of the SPCP to always adhere to best practices and local regulations. We realize our members are under extreme stress, and there are many considerations for our businesses and personal lives; however, health and safety are paramount.

Our global colleagues and families are encouraged to practice social distancing immediately and stop unnecessary gatherings. As a membership society, SPCP strongly recommends its members to stop all personal services. This will allow you and your staff time to prepare and apply for any forthcoming governmental support, where available, and, most importantly, to be socially responsible. Permanent cosmetic professionals should not resume procedures until cleared jurisdictionally.

Tattooing creates a micro-spray of bodily fluids and does not allow social distancing between yourself and the client. Tattooing is also not a necessary procedure, not to mention that brow procedures can cause sneezing, lip procedures involve saliva, and eyeliner involves tears.

Once clients are rescheduled, we trust there will be a sense of calm with the knowledge that recommended protocols are being adhered to.

Be a leader! Be responsible, and, most of all, be healthy! Leer en español

Education, Networking and Entertainment
Core features of all SPCP Events

Members of the SPCP have the benefit of SPCP developed Convention and Conference events. Each event includes opportunities to network with permanent makeup industry leaders and those who are planning their new career path. Entertainment and great food rounds out a memorable experience for all who attend.

The Education Center

Education doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.

All careers are based on an evolving educational process. Permanent Makeup subject matter experts, those with decades of industry experience, have authored books on important subject matters; each containing critical cosmetic tattooing and client management information.

Each SPCP trainer member has a minimum of five (5) years experience in the application of cosmetic tattooing procedures, has completed a minimum of three hundred (300) procedures for each procedure type that is taught and has successfully passed the Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) examination.