Get Involved with YOUR SPCP website has become a great repository of information for technicians, trainers, and the general public.  We are always looking for contributions to take it to the next level.


Picture and Media Contributions

The SPCP is in search of high quality media for use in communications and on the website.   We are currently seeking pictures of: procedure before & afters, procedures in action, procedure rooms, tattooing devices, and classrooms.   We are always interested in pictures that embody the work we do and the way we work.

As a benefit to you and an incentive to participate, the SPCP is happy to credit your name or business each time we select the picture for use on the site or communications.

Content Contributions website content is provided by SPCP members and we are interested in new or updated contributions on an ongoing basis.  Starting in 2011, if you provide an original article that is selected for the site, you will be provided a by-line at the end of the article.  Articles can be written with either clients or technicians as the target audience.  Content on the site today includes such popular articles as “Are Permanent Cosmetics for Me?” and “What to look for in a Training Program.”

If you have an idea for a new article on the site, you can improve the odds of inclusion by sending an outline to the SPCP office for evaluation & feedback prior writing it.

Legislative Updates

Did you know the SPCP maintains web pages for each US state with links to Permanent Cosmetics laws and licensing bodies?  Did you know over 40,000 visitors a year use those pages?  Help us keep the legislative information for your state up to date by contacting the SPCP webmaster or main office when legislative changes in your state occur!


Ready to Contribute?  Contact the Webmaster!