Informing the Public

The members of the publicity committee work to promote the permanent cosmetics industry as a whole, to raise the visibility of the SPCP, and to help bring new customers to all our doors. The committee works to gain greater exposure for our Society and its members through all possible media.

The committee notifies the media of our newsworthy events, and promotes our industry on a national level.

The publicity committee also exists to help you create promotional material which will build your business on the local level. Our Media Kit brings you hundreds of dollars worth of professional advice for a nominal charge, which will help you get more attention from your local press. If you have quality pictures of healed results (not swollen, greasy, post-procedural ones!) and you would be willing to let us use as part of our general publicity efforts, we would love to have them…plus, we will give you PHOTO CREDIT to help promote your business to the general public. ( All photos submitted must be accompanied by a model release from the client specifically granting us permission to use their photo without restriction. )

To really spread the word about what we do, we need everyone’s help. We need all our members to help us on the local level, by using the tools we have created to raise their visibility in their own communities. If everyone makes a small effort, together we can have a huge impact! Whenever you appear in the media, try to get us a copy of the article or program. If you have written an article of general interest about permanent makeup we can use, please send it to us! We can’t use every article; however, we will give all equal consideration. As always, the publicity committee welcomes any ideas you have in regard to promoting the Society and our industry.

Finally, the committee needs volunteer members, who will assist with maintaining records of contacts, preparing mailings, and making phone calls, among other duties. If you would like to work with us, please Contact Us for more information. Be sure to leave your name, email address, phone # and a brief message. Thanks for being a part of our team!