Medical and Technical Advisors to the Board

One of the purposes of the SPCP is sharing of information. From time to time this includes our involvement in medical and technical research and development.

The Society was instrumental in funding and participating in research on tattoos and possible MRI interaction. This project, by Whitney Tope M.D., showed that any risks were negligible to the client and non-existent to the specialty equipment employed during the procedure.  Read more about that study here: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and Tattooing

The SPCP is pleased to provide the results of the Industry Profile Study. With nearly a thousand technicians reporting worldwide, this is the largest and most complete study to date for the permanent cosmetic industry. While this timely and critical data is reported here in a concise format, we are able to provide specific details upon request. This information is invaluable to the permanent cosmetic technician, trainer, and supplier.

Allergic Reaction Datasheet.  The SPCP has created a standardized Allergic Reaction Datasheet for tracking pigment related allergic reactions.  For more information,  Click Here.