Member Group Discount Programs

Enter into any arrangement with third parties mentioned on this site at your own risk.  The SPCP does not accept liability for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss of business, revenues, profits or special damages arising from agreements that members or non-members enter into with third parties, including those third parties and agreements mentioned below.    

 The SPCP is pleased to announce the following member group discount programs.


Credit Card Processing Program

The SPCP is happy to announce a partnership with First Financial Merchant Services (FFMS) as a benefit to our members. FFMS has provided a full time representative, Jerry Harpin to personally assist SPCP in setting up or converting their credit card processing to FFMS.

  • Members who converted have saved between 20 and 50% on their processing costs.
  • Keep your current processing equipment unless you want to replace or upgrade equipment (at special SPCP pricing)! It takes about 20 minutes to complete the conversion to FFMS.
  • You help the SPCP when you convert through our FFMS Joint Venture Program!
  • Ask about the Virtual Terminal for your online store and/or a Wireless Terminals with printer for trade shows and remote processing needs.
  • Use this form to refer your associates today, and earn $50 each!


702-286-3638          702-286-3638 

We are pleased to announce our business partnership with Constant Contact to provide members with generous discounts only available through this Member Benefit Program. The member discounts are 20% off for a 6 month prepay and 25% off for a 12 month prepay, even if you already have an account. If you send marketing email, eNewsletters, etc., this is the best way to do so and can be a great boost to your business. You can also get lots of social media tips! Learn more here and get a free two-month trial:

Constant Contact

If you have an existing Constant Contact account, contact Kate Ciampi with your username to obtain the discount.


Communications Technologies & Services   The SPCP has partnered with leaders in different communications technology industries to bring SPCP members the best available in the marketplace today.  They include:

  • 24-Hour Computer Support Program:   SPCP members can take advantage of this special offer with a 5% discount on a yearly home or business membership.  “Ask dr. tech” ‘s home and business plans offer the convenience of fast, friendly, reliable and affordable computer support services 24/7.
  • Internet Service Provider Program:   WorldCom offers Service Level Agreements with 100% guaranteed up-time for dedicated connections.  There are several connections to choose from.
  • Fax Services:   Utilize the Web to launch fax or e-mail broadcasts at a discounted rate to hundreds or thousands of recipients in minutes.
  • Conferencing Services:   Savings of up to  40% off industry retail rates, as low as $0.16 per minute per line.  Members can choose from a suite of services including audio, web or video conferencing.

For more information, call: 1(877)488-2666.

EWoman Network  The EWoman Network is a top resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses on a local, national and global scale.  Benefits of this incredible network include an online business listing on the EWoman website, discounts at business supply and service companies, as well as access to professional women answering questions businesswomen commonly ask .  Learn more and join today with a bonus of $100.00 off for SPCP members.  For the discount, be sure to use the form here to join.


Thank you so much for the years of friendship and for allowing AFLAC to be a part of your SPCP Member Benefits. AFLAC will no longer be available through your Membership with SPCP, but we want to assure you that if you currently own a policy, it belongs to you, and will not be impacted by this change as long as you choose to keep your policy in force.
Should you have any questions regarding your policy coverage, claims procedure, or general questions, you may call AFLAC Customer Service at (800)-992-3522 for assistance.

A few key points to remember:

  • You will never receive a rate increase from Aflac. Your policies are locked in at the age you were when the policy was issued.
  • You own your policy(s) and they go with you wherever you go.
  • Aflac does not restrict you to a particular Doctor or Hospital network for your care. You choose your own physician. Remember that Aflac pays you, not the Doctors or Hospitals.
  • Don’t forget to file for your annual Wellness Benefit! If your policy (such as the Accident or Cancer Plan) includes the Wellness Benefit for a qualified preventative exam, don’t forget to file for your benefit. It’s easy and you can file your claim online at Simply Log In/Individual or Register if you have not done so already.
  • There is no expiration date to file a claim. Reach out to the Claims Dept at the Aflac Customer Service number provided to answer any questions or to assist in the process of filing a claim. Remember…no matter how many claims you file, you will never receive a rate increase and you will never be cancelled. Aflac is Guaranteed Renewable!

Remember…we’ve got you under our wing!
Thank You for being a part of the Aflac family!
AFLAC Customer Service: (800)-992-3522