Regulatory Information and Guidance

State Specific Legislation is Available At US State Regulatory Info.

As the popularity of Permanent Cosmetics grows, so does the industry. The practice of Permanent Cosmetics, whether called Derma-Pigmentation, Micro-Pigmentation, Permanent Make-Up or Cosmetic Tattooing is regulated differently in each state. Some require licensing while others may only require registration with the local health office. There are states that have no statutes in effect at all, some that have regulations in only county or city jurisdictions and others that prohibit it entirely.

Given today’s public health and safety consciousness, non-regulated states are getting on board to enact at least some primary legislation in this area. As the industry becomes more regulated nationwide, educational and training standards will be added to existing laws that focus on health and safety standards alone.

The following Listing of State Regulations for Permanent Cosmetics is provided by the SPCP as a reference guide only. It may not be accurate to-date as laws are proposed and revised, and will undergo frequent updates. The SPCP is not responsible for informing the public about the laws governing permanent cosmetics and encourages inquiring parties to examine the relevant statutes in their respective states and to contact county or city health officials for detailed information about local ordinances.

More specific information about the laws governing permanent cosmetics can be found on the US State Regulatory Info Pages or obtained through the following Websites

  • State Webpages (use the 2 letter abbreviation for the state you are researching in place of ‘xx’)