SPCP Committees

Member Benefits: Communicating, networking and sharing information have long been goals of the SPCP.  This committee strives to achieve this through the development of programs that will enhance member-to-member communication and support, and by extending a welcome hand to new member technicians.  It also looks for outside opportunities to offer new, extended benefits to the membership. Publicity: This committee works to enhance our relationship with the media and to respond to contacts for information. Development of support materials for this purpose and for members to use is a major part of their function. Article submissions to trade magazines is a proven method of outreach to technicians, potential clients and other industry people who may be asked for information about permanent makeup. Publicity also works with the Web Site Committee to keep our members and the public informed about SPCP activities and developments in the Permanent Makeup Industry.

Convention: This committee assists our administrator in the planning of all SPCP conventions and conferences.  They help in the development of themes and programs as well as in the selection of topics and speakers, working closely with the local member liaison.  Other responsibilities include preparing the attendee bags immediately prior to the event, setting up and helping man the SPCP booths, as well as monitoring the vendor room.  Creative and enthusiastic volunteers are welcome to help bring fresh ideas, keeping our conventions exciting and bringing something new every year.

Education: As one of the two main goals of the Society, it is the duty of this committee to determine what aspect of education they wish to focus on, and there are many to choose from. This year improving trainer information has become the goal. In addition, another member handbook is again in the works.

Special Projects: This committee works on various special projects as needed, such as: pigment removal studies, international member outreach and the development of professional instructional videos.  As needs arise and change in our industry, so will the focus of this committee.  Involvement with this committee will always be new and exciting and will require a serious  commitment as members work closely with an industry leader chairperson.

Legislation: The Legislation Committee is endeavoring to compile a complete current listing of state activities and current regulations for members. This is a big project as information must be continually updated. Member involvement is needed to provide the committee with information about their individual states and to participate at the state level to protect the interests of their industry as well as their careers.

For more information on a the current focus for a committee or to get involved, Contact Us.