The SPCP Newsletter

The SPCP publishes a quarterly newsletter that is sent free to all members both domestically and internationally. Each nineteen page issue is filled with articles that provide on-going education and insider information. The newsletter updates members on their Society’s operations.  It gives information on membership services, trainer programs, publicity activities and legislation updates. A “must read” for all members is a variety of informative articles sharing tips for technicians at all levels of experience. Past topics have included:

  • Marketing Your Business to Success by Mary Arnold CPCP
    This article gives wonderful advice about working with a Public Relations firm for your business marketing exposure. Also detailed are effective independent marketing through conventional advertising and direct mail practices.
  • Small Changes that Give Big Results by Conne’ Lord
    Perfection is a process. Conne’ Lord gives great techniques for making small, but effective changes to design work.
  • Plastic Surgery and Permanent Cosmetics by Donna Major Jackson
    A complete composite of elective cosmetic surgery procedures and how permanent cosmetics affects, or is affected by these surgical options.
  • The Face of Breast Cancer by Debra A. Guastella
    The detection, treatment and reconstructive process of breast cancer is presented in this article from one of the industries authorities on areola repigmentation.
  • Top Eyeliner Designs by Marjorie Grimm
    An overview of the different design options for top permanent cosmetic eyeliners. This article includes pictorial examples of eyeliner designs and suggestions for menu presentation of these options to your clients.
  • FDA Approval by Judith Culp
    A myth busting article that gives facts not fiction about what the FDA approval entails. This is great information to have on hand when clients ask about FDA approval for pigments or equipment used during procedures.

Members in the Spotlight is a special segment of the SPCP Newsletter that is devoted to our member’s accomplishments.  Your SPCP newsletter features articles written by and about members and will highlight significant accomplishments and awards. These are positive reinforcements that prove our industry is needed, respected, and worthy of consideration.

Annually, members are given the opportunity to purchase spiral bound collections of previous years’ newsletters. They are an invaluable learning experience as well as a frequently used teaching tool and reference for problem solving.

Newsletters are not available by subscription, but included free with membership to the SPCP.