Marjorie Grimm Bio

Biography for Marjorie Grimm

Marjorie Grimm, CPCP holds the prestigious position as one of the most credentialed people in the permanent cosmetic industry. As past SPCP board member in 1999 and 2002, she was appointed President of the SPCP and served a two-year term 2003-2005. Currently she is the SPCP’s publicist and legislative consultant, the assistant editor for the SPCP Quarterly, a certified trainer and subject matter expert (SME).

Marjorie is the owner and operator of “Faces By Design”, offering technical permanent cosmetic services and permanent cosmetic classes in Santa Clara, California and the Seattle, Washington areas. Her services and quality classes are stated by many as being some of the best offered in the industry.

She began her career in permanent cosmetics in 1993, having been impressed with her hairdresser’s permanent eyeliner. This led her to seek education in the industry, but there were few who offered training in Northern California. Ultimately she solicited the help of a local tattoo artist, who befriended her. During their one-year time span together, he taught her the basics of tattooing. As happenstance she met Mary Jane Haake at a beauty show in San Jose who introduced her to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. This introduction and association would forever change her career path.

Marjorie began training others in the art of permanent cosmetics in 1999. It was through the development of her training manual and during an update process in 2005 that the concept of writing a textbook for the industry became a reality. In 2005 Marjorie had co-authored a chapter about permanent cosmetics in a medical aesthetics book with Dr. Efran Arrovave, MD Medical Director, Aesthetic Medical Education Resources. This planted the seed to someday publish a book about permanent cosmetics. Kate Ciampi, her friend and mentor, who was assisting with content and editing of the Faces By Design training manual, suggested the content be changed to offer a variety of devices and techniques that all trainers could relate to. Two and a half years later, with the help of other industry leaders who contributed their knowledge to the textbook, Permanent Cosmetics, The Foundation of Fundamental Applications became a reality. This textbook is exclusively offered by the SPCP and available soon.