SPCP Photo and Logo Policy

Members are responsible and accountable for all photos, content, and logo usage on their websites or other media sources. Although web designers or other professionals may design the website, offer a generic template, or provide content or photos, the member is ultimately responsible and accountable for any photos, SPCP logos, or content that is used on the website or any other media source.

It is therefore imperative that each member has knowledge of the photos, SPCP logos, and content used on their website or other media sources. Unless they are clearly identified and labeled, use of stock before and/or after photos, stock completed procedure photos, or unauthorized photos depicting results of permanent cosmetic procedures performed by someone else can be considered misleading as they imply actual results obtained by the owner of the website, as well as a specific skill level of the technician displaying the photos.

In ALL cases, only your own original work can be used in “before and/or after galleries” unless it is properly identified and referenced with the appropriate source or credit as outlined below:

  1. Proper referencing for stock before and/or after photos will include the following wording below each photo in a clearly legible font: “Stock Photo”
  2. Photos of procedures performed by someone else require proof of consent available upon request. Proper referencing for photos of procedures done by someone else will include the following wording placed under each photo in a clearly legible font: “Photo used with permission by (name of technician performing procedure)”.

The SPCP and CPCP logos are both registered trademarks of the SPCP and may be only used when membership and CPCP requirements are met. Unauthorized use of either SPCP logo is strictly forbidden and is also considered misleading and fraudulent.

The use of misleading or unauthorized photos, or unauthorized logo usage violates the SPCP Code of Ethics and requirements of membership, and therefore represents a serious member violation. All Code of Ethics violations require immediate corrective measures or may result in termination of membership.

  • Noncompliance 14 days after the original notice of policy violation represents a serious violation, as well as a disregard for the SPCP Code of Ethics.
  • Noncompliance after this 14 day period will result in immediate loss of membership. This is considered to be a final decision and without possibility of appeal.
  • Members who do not completely correct or remove those items that do not comply with the SPCP photo and/or logo policy within 7 additional days, i.e. 21 days from the date of the original notice, will be placed on the Impostor List on the www.spcp.org website.

Reference: SPCP Code of Ethics

  1. Members are to maintain high professional standards consistent with sound practices.
  2. Members are to conduct business relationships in a manner that is fair to all.
  3. Members will refrain from any immoral or unethical behavior in their business dealings.


Revised , SPCP Board of Directors 4/13