Three Strike Rule

Guidelines- Three Strike Rule

Complaints against quality of work is at its highest. While permanent cosmetic is an art form and variances will always occur in design and color selection, there needs to be limitations when it comes to consistent poor performance and being associated with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals – an organization people have come to trust to have members with principles and ethics. It should be considered unethical to consistently do poor quality procedures and remain in this industry. Everyone cannot competently learn these skills.

The Board of Directors investigates all situations reported to the SPCP and does believe in giving second chances in this regard; in some instances people do learn to improve. Therefore, a Three Strike Rule has been established to give those members time to enhance their skills. We realize it is hard to govern quality of work, so cases will be presented at the board meetings scheduled so that unbiased recommendations can be made.

Members are always expected to make proper choices and not be lead exclusively by “client desire.” It affects the reputation of the entire industry. In such cases of poor technician procedure performance, a complaint form must be filed for each incident and include photos of the work in question, so it can be handled accordingly.

First complaint:
Letter sent to confirm said complaint (30 days are given to respond.)

Second complaint:
Letter sent as terms of first, with a reminder that one more infraction will cause termination of membership.

Third complaint:
Membership is terminated without recourse or refund.

It is expected that even after the first complaint of poor quality work that the technician immediately enrolls in continuing education classes or some sort of mentorship program to better serve the general public. As stated, this industry is not for everyone and while the SPCP is not biased against a variety of techniques and artistic diversity, our industry can no longer afford poor quality procedures and the SPCP cannot tolerate it of its members.

SPCP Board of Directors

Three Strike Rule 01-08

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