The Diverse Profession of Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics is to the Beauty and Medical industries like no other single or add-on service currently available. Based on statistics maintained by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, (SPCP), the number of trained technicians has increased tenfold within the past three years alone and it continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. It appears, however, that public demand for Permanent Cosmetics outnumbers the well-trained technicians available to perform the requested procedures.

In 1991, the SPCP was founded by two insightful women who recognized the need for organized support and education within the Permanent Cosmetics industry. Although procedures are conducted in the same manner as body art tattooing, working on the delicate features of the face and traumatized skin emphasized the need for focused standards. It was critical to the future of the industry to provide the means of acquiring educational merits required to perform these procedures safely, with an acute understanding of sanitation, color theory, and design for optimum results. Ten years after these collective thoughts took form as the SPCP, this organization continues to support the educational needs of over 1,100 members, worldwide.

The attraction on behalf of the public and those considering Permanent Cosmetics as a profession is quite understandable. Women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds desiring to look their best at all times, and for a number of other important reasons such as allergies and skin trauma, request eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip procedures. There are medical applications for camouflaging scar tissue, redefining the vermilion border of cleft lips, and simulated areola pigmentation following breast surgery. The applications for Permanent Cosmetics are as diverse as the people that request the services. As a technician devoted to Permanent Cosmetics exclusively, or as an additional service to an existing beauty/medical related business, you can take your talents as a Permanent Cosmetic Technician anywhere you want to go with it. One can choose to work independently or within an existing business; part time or full time; or even be selective about the procedures you wish to offer. The options are limitless.

The SPCP’s roster of member technicians includes Nail Technicians, Hair Stylists, Doctors, Nurses, Traditional Tattoo Artists, Estheticians, Makeup Artists, and a multitude of other educated professionals that have elected to include Permanent Cosmetics in their services. There are many technicians that offer Permanent Cosmetics as an exclusive service. Many have chosen to walk away from the insecure “security” of the corporate world to pursue dreams of independence, helping others, and the financial security of being in control of their professional future. My personal observation is that this is one of the few industries where maturity is respected, experience is valued, and the return on educational investments readily recoverable.

The SPCP welcomes your inquiries and provides a wealth of information on this web site and supporting services to their members. Browse  the SPCP website  and investigate the benefits of becoming a member and pursuing Permanent Cosmetics as a professional career.