Why Join the SPCP

Why Join the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals?

As professionals, the general public places merit on your earned scholastic credentials and affiliated organizational participation. A professional organization represents your interest in continuing education, networking with others, and being actively involved with the future of your industry.

prospectivememberpacketIn respect to the SPCP, there are added values. For the cost of annual membership and a portion of your convention/conference fees, you will find a multitude of services that you would otherwise pay for independently. Its advantages are somewhat similar to business programs that collectively increase their purchasing power within the marketplace, much as the SPCP membership funds provide benefits to the many as opposed to the few.

For instance, it would be highly unlikely that each individual permanent cosmetic technician could afford to retain the on-call services of a technical or medical advisor to support them with questions regarding their procedures. Imagine seeking professional advice without the convenience of utilizing the advisors that are retained by the SPCP as an organization for the many members that belong. The cost would be prohibitive to the single technician; however, when you view this great advantage as just one of the many educational services the SPCP provides, the overall cost directly to you as a member is negligible.

Continuing education is not inexpensive regardless of the source, although an essential element of remaining current in your practices. Each technician as a prudent professional must research specific educational programs that can be of benefit in a small group setting, on a one on one basis, or a larger gathering. SPCP conferences and conventions provide opportunities to benefit from educational programs presented by industry leaders that are structured for large groups in lecture and pre-video formatting at a substantial savings. Any of these presentations, held privately, could cost as much as $500.00 or more per presentation if pursued independently.

As another benefit of your membership, you will receive quarterly newsletters containing a myriad of articles on various medical, technical, and administrative issues pertaining to your business activities, your industry, and your organization’s posturing with media and legislative representatives. You will also be able to network with your peers through the annual membership directory listings. Above all, members continually tell us they stay year after year because we are structured around a sound Code of Ethics and insist each member abides by them.
Discover why the SPCP continues to be the largest organization for this industry and is truly the best value for your educational dollar.

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Your membership may tax deductible as a business expense. Check with your accountant.