How to Become an SPCP Member Supplier

Dear Industry Supplier:

A major service the SPCP offers is our supplier program. Many people join our organization just for the opportunity to conduct business with our member suppliers.  The permanent cosmetic industry seeks to establish working long-term relationships with suppliers who are known to meet the highest industry standards available for product offerings and customer service.  We recognize you as an important asset to the industry and our organization. It is our goal to promote you in every way possible.

As a reminder of the benefits, our new members packet includes a listing of SPCP supplier members. Supplier members are also listed on the SPCP Website. You will also be listed in our membership directory, generally released April 1st.  In addition, you will have many advertising opportunities.  With these benefits, suppliers have an incredible opportunity to reach our rapidly growing membership.

In consideration of the members of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) who remain in good ethical standing, the SPCP will not support the sale or advertising of products or services offered by or on behalf of persons who have been removed from or are ineligible for SPCP membership due to violation of the SPCP Code of Ethics.

As an industry supplier you have a right to sell anything within the legal limits of the law; however, SPCP will no longer honor advertising of products or services that fall into the above stated category through our website, newsletter, or other publications, nor will these products be sold at our conventions or other events.

Thank you for your continued support of the SPCP – your organization!


SPCP Board of Directors


If you intend to sell pigments, read the SPCP Pigment Guidelines

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For further membership information, or a paper copy of the form, please Contact Member Services.