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Dear Permanent Cosmetic Professional:

Thank you for your interest in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. The SPCP is a sound, nonprofit international professional association owned, operated, and controlled by its members.

The growth experienced since inception in 1990 is a direct result of its professional and legal structure, compliant with state and federal laws governing nonprofit organizations. Members are represented by a Board of Directors comprised of a diverse group of members, elected by members, and serve limited terms. A Code of Ethics that all members must abide by and which sets industry standards governs the SPCP. Permanent cosmetics are mainstream beauty services; therefore the public looks to the SPCP as the voice of the permanent cosmetics industry for referrals to professionals in their locality.

If you are considering the industry as a career, or are currently a permanent cosmetic professional, begin enjoying the many benefits today as an SPCP member. We are continuously adding new programs and refining existing ones. Below are some of the many reasons our members have joined, supported, and participated in the SPCP since inception.

  • A Certified Professional Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) Certification Examination. Being an SPCP member and obtaining CPCP credentials strengthens each technician and trainer’s professional profile and positioning in the industry. The public looks for the CPCP logo when researching for permanent cosmetic services and training opportunities.
  • Quarterly publications written by industry leaders provide education and information on new developments as they become available.   Publicity, membership, and health and safety updates are also provided. The SPCP Quarterly has been deemed “The classroom in an envelope.” It doesn’t get any more convenient to learn and keep abreast of industry critical information than through the SPCP.
  • The SPCP Buzz is an online monthly E-newsletter written by SPCP Directors offering industry related subjects as the conversational focus. These are also published to the Members Only section of the SPCP Website.
  • An annual educational and networking convention and trade show in March of each year as well as a fall conference. Bi-Annual European Workshops are also held. These events, prepared exclusively for SPCP members, are regarded as the finest professionally structured permanent cosmetics educational venues worldwide.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) are clearly identified on the trainer members’ page and available to advise other technicians with technical issues.
  • The SPCP has a toll free national line and website so that the public can conveniently obtain referrals to qualified member technician and trainer members.
  • Publicity through many different media so the general public will know where to call for answers regarding the industry. The SPCP engages in offering industry specific articles to major publications to encourage the public to seek permanent cosmetic services and to dispel fictional information that may discourage growth of our industry. Our Publicist is available to assist members with articles they are developing for published article activity.
  • A technician referral program through the SPCP website and home office. This is a major membership benefit. People who are considering permanent cosmetics need assurance their technician is active in the industry, is recognized in their locality and has achieved credentials in their field. Technician and Trainer Members alike consider this one of the most economical and active sources of marketing available.
  • A “Train the Trainer” program providing educational standards and programs for industry trainers. The SPCP “Train the Trainer” two-day program is highly regarded for its quality guidance provided by experienced and successful trainer instructors.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) bloodborne pathogens standard classes are offered at both the SPCP annual conventions and conferences. Led by OSHA Outreach Instructors, they offer technicians the opportunity to meet local bloodborne pathogens training requirements.
  • An annual membership directory is provided to all members for technician networking purposes and as a convenient reference for suppliers and trainers.
  • Support products include publications on subjects such as color theory, pigments, camouflage techniques, medical issues, esthetics for the permanent cosmetic professional, and an equipment manual.
  • The SPCP textbook, Permanent Cosmetics – The Foundation of Fundamental Applications, is recognized as a support product publication that is in a class of its own. This 250-page professionally published book was written by industry leader Marjorie Grimm, CPCP with the consulting advice of other industry specialists with adjunct related professional credentials – a registered nurse, a bench chemist, an esthetician, and an OSHA Outreach trainer. The title says it all and the book tells it all.
  • Registered logos and images are available for exclusive member use through the SPCP Marketing Kit. For other marketing needs the SPCP offers professional brochures, brochure and business card holders, logo patches and pins. Support materials include before and after care forms and client history forms.
  • Society members are available to assist with legislation, publicity, and other business related questions. This is primarily offered through the Delegate Program for US states and many countries throughout the world.
  • A staffed Administration Office is available during normal business hours to answer questions and to help locate resources.

Join now! We feel confident you will value the unique benefits of membership in the largest organization for permanent cosmetics worldwide.

SPCP Board of Directors


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