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After reading the Renewal letter from the President,
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Dear SPCP Technician:

The permanent cosmetics industry is enjoying a prosperous time. Our Technician Referral Program is incredibly popular, providing referrals to members who elect this low priced advertising option. The SPCP has always been the leader in education and technical assistance for the entire permanent cosmetic world.

SPCP members provide the foundation of our organization’s success. On the adjoining page, you will find the renewal form. Throughout next year, we will continue to work to make you more successful through the newsletter, Subject Matter Expert assistance, and great educational opportunities through our March Convention and Fall Conference.

REFERRAL PROGRAM: One benefit of membership is the opportunity to take part in our Referral Program. The annual listing rate is $85 for the first listing and $75 for each additional – this is by far the most economical form of advertising you will find, especially on a website that obtains a very high volume of traffic and is so highly regarded among the beauty industry, medical community, and the general public.

To be listed, you must perform procedures in a professional environment, have a business phone number, carry liability insurance, and have a copy of a professional brochure you use in your business on file at the SPCP office. If you do not have a brochure, you may purchase brochures produced by the SPCP.

If you are a new member, the words “New Member” will be placed after your name during the first year you participate in the Technician Referral Program.

The Board and staff of the SPCP very much appreciate your continued support and we look forward to a prosperous year!


SPCP Board of Directors

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For further membership information, or a paper copy of the form, please Contact Member Services.