Protecting SPCP Members…                                            

From time to time we receive reports of non-member permanent cosmetic technicians or trainers who falsely claim membership in the SPCP. At times it is a case of a past member who has simply neglected to renew their membership on time. This is easily remedied. On other occasions the technicians/trainers in question are deliberately attempting to misinform the public and claim industry credentials and associations they do not deserve. This is very frustrating for members who have spent time, energy, and money to maintain membership, uphold the SPCP Code of Ethics, and become credentialed in the industry.

Furthermore, the use of SPCP identification or credentials through programs offered by those utilizing unacceptable standards of practice or ethics is a potential threat to the credibility of all those following safe and ethical standards of practice.  This organization is conceived by and maintained through members’ commitment to excellence in our field. To have our Society’s trusted reputation associated with uneducated, unethical, or unsafe practitioners reflects badly on the practitioners in the industry committed to safe, effective, and ethical permanent cosmetic standards.

Member Responsibility                                    

We ask the assistance of all our members and advocates in upholding the SPCP’s Code of Ethics. If you know or become aware of  a non-member who is inappropriately or fraudulently claiming association with the SPCP, including using the SPCP name and/or logo/or CPCP status in advertising or otherwise, please contact us. We will need detailed information from you, but we will not reveal your name during communications with the impostor.

It is up to all of us to protect our reputations and well-earned credentials and to ensure that the SPCP is a name clients can trust. Please help by safeguarding the standards in your community. It’s a matter of public health and professional credibility.

SPCP Action                                                       

In order to protect the credibility of the SPCP and each of its members in good standing, the SPCP must deal strongly and expediently with such dishonest practices. The following is the policy enforced:

When brought to our attention these “impostors” are contacted immediately. They are given fourteen days in which to respond and take action as required. If attempts are not made to amicably and expeditiously rectify the situation, they become subject to the sanctions and legal actions as determined by the SPCP Board of Directors. Their names are also listed on the Impostor List until appropriate measures are taken.  Once the administrative office has been notified via Contact Us and the updates have been validated, we will remove the listing within one week.

The SPCP gratefully acknowledges the assistance and the use of text of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in the formation of this notice.


Impostor List

Posted 2/8/2016

Elizabeth Oakes is a former member that still claims SPCP membership.  SPCP members are required to teach no less than 100 hours for any fundamental course and this includes microblading/microstroking/embroidery brows, with no less than 65 hours in the classroom.

Please also note she no longer qualifies to use the Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional acronym, CPCP.

Many attempts to have SPCP and CPCP affiliation claims removed have been ignored.

Some of the websites are: