Intro to Careers in Permanent Cosmetics

Introduction to Careers in Permanent Cosmetics

The educational module you are about to view is dedicated to the SPCP trainer members that have helped raise the standard of permanent cosmetic training in the United States and abroad.  The general public has many training options depending on location and the laws that govern permanent cosmetics in their geographical area.

Notwithstanding the options that a prospective technician may have, the SPCP trainer members believe that “knowledge is power”, and that you, the prospective technician, deserve proper information regarding what it takes to get started in the permanent cosmetic industry so that you may choose your training program with confidence, and spend your training dollars wisely.

Marjorie Grimm



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Before you take training, it is your responsibility to research and to comply with the laws governing permanent makeup and/or tattooing in your city, county and state.