SPCP Trainer Summit 2004

I would like to extend my thanks to the SPCP for the Trainer Summit held in Las Vegas this last weekend. It was such a special event and I feel personally that I benefited from it greatly.

I especially enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Tim Habick from Reasoning, Inc. on how professional written exams are developed. I had no idea! It was enlightening and exciting. I have a new perspective of exams and how to better help my apprentices through meaningful and structured tests.

We divided into 3 groups and each group discussed assigned issues pertinent to training and then each group leader gave a report on their group’s findings and ideas. All three group leaders delivered brilliant ideas and suggestions from their groups that all trainers will benefit from. I think the information gathered and shared will prove extremely valuable to all of us.

Also, I want to thank Kate Ciampi for her well honed planning and ability to keep the group on track. Even a small group can find itself straying and Kate was right there, redirecting us back to the issues at hand. The attendees were provided a superb luncheon and its presentation was lovely.

As always, David Vidra’s OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard class was chock-full of information. Normally one would find themselves trying to stay awake in such a class, but not his!! Oh no! Each colorful pearl upstaged the previous!

I am so glad I attended. The warmth was genuine and I was fortunate enough to sit in on a portion of a SPCP board meeting. I was impressed, to say the least, by the professionalism and thoroughness shown in the meeting and by how smoothly it was conducted.

Kudos to the board members! It was an awesome experience for me!

Liza Sims-Lawrence



 More Pictures from the Summit