SPCP Restates Position on Semi Permanent Makeup


Permanent Cosmetics Industry Reacts to Misleading Information on Tyra Banks Show
Tyra Banks Repudiates Permanent Cosmetics on national television. Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP) responds.

(PRWEB) May 16, 2008 — On April 21, 2008, Tyra Banks hosted a live demonstration during what was stated to be a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure using vegetable dyes and minerals. Verika Seddick from the White Tea Spa in New York conducted the demonstration.

The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP) would like to clarify statements made during that demonstration. Vegetable dyes are never associated with tattooing. They are dyes used in the food industry to dye vegetables, fruits and meats. The pigments used in the cosmetic tattoo industry are either inorganic or organic (organic pigments are produced through the process of organic chemistry.) Quite possibly Ms. Seddick was mislead by the use of the word “organic.” In the world of pigment formulation, organic does not have the same meaning as our society looks upon organic agriculture. Equally disturbing as Ms. Seddick’s and Ms. Banks’ obvious lack of knowledge of what the demonstration entailed, were their comments regarding tattooing and permanent cosmetics. Ms. Seddick stated that she wanted to make an important distinction, “This is not tattooing and you would never want permanent cosmetics on your face.” Tyra echoed her words. A contradiction was soon to follow; Ms. Seddick tattooed a member of the audience’s bottom eyeliner on one eye.

This is not tattooing and you would never want permanent cosmetics on your face.
Professionals in the permanent cosmetic industry are incensed with this misrepresented and poorly conducted permanent cosmetic (tattoo) demonstration. There is grave concern that thousands and possibly millions of women who potentially could have viewed this demonstration now believe they can have semi-permanent makeup that is not tattooing and that the substance used will be dyes made from vegetables.

Furthermore, professionals are also incensed by the unprofessional and unhealthy manner in which the cosmetic tattooing demonstration was conducted. The following are a few of the known bloodborne pathogens (OSHA) regulations that were not adhered to as well as other matters of concern.

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