Technician Listings FAQ

The SPCP is pleased to provide a listing service for our qualified technicians in good standing for a nominal extra cost.  This service helps members of the public locate member technicians near them.

The service is available on the New Member or Renewal form, or by contacting the main office any time during the year.


What will my listing include?                                                                         

  1. Your Name, and any of the following credentials that you declare: CPCP, RN, FAAM, DAAM, ARNP
  2. Member type (New Member for first year, Lifetime Member if you register as such after 10 yrs in good standing)
  3. A Brest Cancer ribbon if you declare that you perform areola repigmentation for breast cancer survivors
  4. Business name (One line, limit 45 characters)
  5. One Business Address, incl Street address, City, State, Zip, Country
  6. One Business Phone
  7. One Email Address
  8. One website.  For your website to be included, the website must be functional, and may not include information on training unless you are in good standing as an SPCP Trainer Member.

The Flag for my business on the map appears in the wrong spot        

To send us an updated location:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the exact location for your business, and right click at that location on the map
  3. Click “What’s Here?”
  4. At the bottom of the information panel that appears is the exact latitude and longitude of the location you selected.
  5. Copy and paste the lat/lng into into the contact us form, and select webmaster, and we’ll get it updated.