Regulations – Maine

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  2. Licensing Main Department of Health and Human Services Link:
  3. Micropigmentation:
  4. Application (Tattooing and Micropigmentation are included on the same application)
  5. 10-44-1 (Micropigmentation) Ch 211 Download Link (Click on Ch 211)

Other Considerations:

  1. Must be Board Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, as proof of basic competence, within two years of obtaining a license to practice See H.2.
  2. Micropigmentation Education and Training Link:
  3. Training is licensee-specific depending on the credentials or lack of in another profession, i.e., Cosmetology – Hair and Skin Care, Cosmetology – Nail Technician, Electrologists, Medical, Tattooing or none of these listed professions. Ch 211 Download Link (Click n Ch 211) Paragraph 8 A-K